Product Videos & Installation Guides

  1. Install the “Smart Life” app on a phone or tablet. This can be done by searching for “Smart Life” on App/Play Store or by scanning the below QR code.

2. Open the “Smart Life” app, Create an Account. When you are logged in Click Add Device” in the top right corner
3.Select the device “Socket (Wi-Fi)”
4. Select a 2 .4GHz Wi-Fi network and input your password. Tap “Next”. Please note this product is not designed to be used with 5.0GHz networks.
The Smart Life app will now ask you to “Reset the Device”. Click “Next”
The App will then ask you to press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. Please ensure to press and hold the left power button until a slow blinking light appears. If the lights blinks rapidly please press and hold the power button again until a slow flash begins.
 5. Press “Next” and confirm on the app the light is “blinking slowly”
 6. Connect your mobile to the device hotspot. Open up WIFI on your phone and connect to the “SmartLife” network which will appear on the list of available networks
The app will now take a moment to “Connect the Device” Wait for “Added successfully” to appear. This means the connection is complete and your device will be listed in your app ready to use. You can then control each side of the smart socket individually from your phone and add a schedule or timer to run automatically.

Product Videos 

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